Monday, April 2, 2012

What South Dakota Blogs Will Romney Target? Or The Problem With Targeting Voters

The New York Times examines the Romney campaign's effort to use on-line ads to reach voters.

At The Political Animal, Ed Kilgore highlights a couple of key paragraphs.
It’s not clear from Peters’ somewhat murky account whether the context of Romney’s media strategy is strictly the GOP nomination challenge, or the election on the broadest canvas. at large. But it is interesting to read the Mittbots’ sense of their own voting base. 
[T]he Romney campaign has learned a few common characteristics of its online supporters. They tend to like to take online quizzes on news and entertainment Web sites. They like to share photographs. And they are interested in topics like technology, literature, home repair and child care.
But just as important is knowing where a message is likely to fall on deaf ears. In that case, the campaign has discovered certain traits that tend to be associated with people who do not respond to Mr. Romney’s ads. For example, their online behavior shows they are interested in video and casino games, bowling, martial arts and jazz.
If one applies these criteria to the South Dakota blogosphere, it seems that team Romney will look to place ads on the Madville Times because Cory frequently posts pictures of his outings and has a few online polls. They might also target interested party who has polls along with A Progressive on the Prairie to get the readers. On the other hand, they may ignore Dr. Blanchard's Jazz Note SDP, a choice that might lead them to miss his South Dakota Politics blog. In all likelihood, that strategy would neither solidify the base nor get Romney new voters.

Maybe South Dakota is an outlier, but I think the Romneybots may need to be recalibrated when the Romneyites get around to campaigning here.

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