Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Succinct Summary Of Something Important About Literature

Rod Dreher, writing at The American Conservative, sums up something I frequently tell my students:
A good story is a good story. I don’t care if explores the hidden lives of paraplegic Tibetan lesbians. If it’s a well-told story, we all see ourselves in the characters and the lives they lead, no matter what their race, what their class, what their culture. What kind of parochial nitwit reads Tolstoy and complains that they don’t see themselves in the story?
Judging by the looks my students give me when I make the point in a manner slightly less colorful than Dreher's, I must be a really old English teacher.

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D.E. Bishop said...

"parochial nitwit." That's very funny. Maybe you should try making the point in Dreher's words.

Good point. You and Dreher are right.