Thursday, April 12, 2012

Question And Quotation Of The Day: Creativity Edition

Blogging was light today and will be light tomorrow.  I spent the day walking around the capitol listening to high school students give speeches about legislation that they or their peers had prepared.  The student congress competition concludes tomorrow and I'll make the long drive home.

Today, a John Merrow article contained a headline and paragraph that both strike me as profound.

The headline "But Who Will Design The Robots" contains the following paragraph:
Stressing the basics is no way to make sure that we will produce people to design, build and operate robots, or create the future in other ways. We need schools that encourage the imagination, that allow and support deep learning, and that fan the sparks of creativity — not stomp out the fires.

The students competing in the chambers and committee rooms today and tomorrow have plenty of creativity and fire.  I just wish the people who come here in January and February to write legislation that actually becomes law didn't enact legislation that destroys imagination and darkens our future.

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