Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More On School Administrators And HB 1234

I had a few minor musings here.  I suspect I will continue to revise and extend my comments.

 Josh Verges reports,
One concern for the school superintendents group is that educating voters will be difficult with a busy November ballot, DeGroot said. In addition to the presidential and congressional races, South Dakotans will be voting on the sales tax initiative and the referral of Daugaard’s large project development fund — House Bill 1230 from the 2011 Legislative session.
The last time I checked, voting was not a test.  One can use notes as one votes.  I suggest that education groups send out something like the following to every household.  I admit that this design is not flashy and it may need to be altered to reflect what each measure will be called on the ballot, but it strikes me as simple and effective.

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