Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Few Musings About The Yankton School Board Election

The Yankton Press & Dakotan has the final tallies.

With two positions available on the Yankton School Board, voters across the district cast their ballots electing current School Board president Kathy Greeneway and newcomer Matthew Pietz to serve three-year terms on the board Tuesday.

Unofficial results show Greeneway with 1,394 votes (27 percent), Pietz with 1,088 votes (21 percent), Mark Westerman with 1,020 votes (20 percent), D.G. “Butch” Becker with 852 votes (16 percent) and Michael “Moose” Welch with 811 votes (16 percent). Voter turnout was 24.5 percent with 2,946 voters of a possible 12,035 casting ballots.
To use and extend a rather bad metaphor, the results of the opt-out elections were kicks to the teeth.  Given that the We The People Yankton (WPTY) candidates finished at the bottom, these results come as a relief. I'm not comfortable enough yet to visit the dentist to get dentures, but I will start buying name brand pain reliever instead of generic aspirin.  I'll also probably start gargling with Listerine instead of salt water to head off the infection


caheidelberger said...

Attaboy, Matt! Keep hope alive!

caheidelberger said...

...and wait: the yahoos really put "Butch" and "Moose" on the ballot?

LK said...

Yep. For the record, Moose made very clear he wants to be called Moose.

yanktonirishred said...

Mistakes made by WTPY:
1. Public backing of Copperhead on their website and the nasty implications made by their fearless leader in that letter

2. Paint Stir Stick Q/A debacle at Jo-Deans

3. Not allowing people into their meetings at Jo Deans

4. Link for donations that sent people to Paul Dorrs Copperhead website where the truth could be seen.

5. Claiming they are not a group, but yet collecting dues, having meetings and having spokesmen.

6. Having an insurance agent call for the breakup of the school districts private insurance fund.

7. running 2 candidates. Moose and Squirrel ended up with 1600 votes between them. I would think that one of them would have made it to the board. Over extending their base and reach killed them in this election.

8. Getting too full of themselves after 2 opt out defeats when in reality the 2nd had so much less to do with their message and so much more to do with voter apathy (A major problem in Yankton)

9. Being mouth breathing idiots.

10. Their attack of every and I mean every single article or letter in the local paper that dared to disagree with them or shed light on a subject that personally offended them.

11. Being a group of mostly angry old white men never helps either.

My viewpoint at least.