Thursday, April 5, 2012

Baseball Vs. Football: A New Twist And The Classic

It's MLB's opening day or opening week.  Writing at The New Republic, Michael Kazin celebrates the current state of the grand old game.
Meanwhile, few MLB players ever endure the concussions that are alarmingly routine in the NFL and present what may be the most troubling problem in contemporary pro sports. According to the Washington Post, as many as 1,000 former players are currently suing the NFL for ignoring or concealing the head traumas they suffered during their careers. The National Hockey League, which only recently prohibited hard checks to the head, may not be far behind.
Thus, at the opening of its 142nd consecutive season, major league baseball is healthier than it has been in years. This may make it easier for the casual fan to walk through the gates of a ballpark and take pleasure in a game whose rules and aesthetics have changed little since Grover Cleveland lived in the White House. In The Art of Fielding, Chad Harbach’s delicious first novel, a wise young college catcher reflects on “the almost unfair beauty of a professional ball field, the expensive riotous green of the grass, the scalloped cutouts around the bases, the whole place groomed like living art.” You get to drink beer and yell at the umpire too.
Today is also features the release of this Greg Williams' audio.  Williams, whom the National Football League has suspended indefinitely, uses a mix of profanity and an inspirational tone that I suspect is common in NFL locker rooms.  I hope, however, that his hit the head and injure the ACL comments are rare. The following is NSFW.

Who would have thought that real life would make George Carlin seem a bit naive?


D.E. Bishop said...

I've always loved George Carlin and his sometimes vicious wit. The baseball/football one is a favorite.

I have always enjoyed watching softball or baseball games. It is relaxing and satisfying to me. I like the smaller fields best. I wear a baseball cap and chew/spit sunflower seeds. Perfect.

The whole head-hunting thing in the NFL is sickening. The possibility of ifetime injuries to win a game?! Sickening. Just as sickening is the knowledge that there are frustrated jock adults teaching children the same thing because they do it in the NFL. Gah!

Thanks for this post.

LK said...

Thanks for the kind words D.E. Baseball on the radio helped me wile away many hours fixing fence and milking cows. Hats and seeds are a big part of those memories too.