Friday, March 23, 2012

Visual Proof That Jesus Wrote The Constitution And Obama Is The Anti-Christ

Well not really, but every post should have a catchy title.

Over at The Madville Times, Cory covered the whole Rick Santorum-went-to-church-and-a-pastor-told-everyone-who-isn't-a-conservative-Republican-to-leave-the-United States-controversy.  In the comments, I made the following observation:
I have trouble with the whole idea that the U.S. is somehow a new Israel unique among nations as if blessed by a second covenant. I think that view . . . colors [many right wing Christians'] view of [American] history. Try as I might, I can’t find that doctrine in the Bible.
Rep. Steve Hickey asked "who is saying the US is a new Israel?"

I gave this long-winded response.
I’ll answer your question in two ways. First, nearly every neocon who uses the term American exceptionalism expects his or her listeners to see America as the “city set upon a hill” and therefore uniquely blessed by God. That unique blessing makes the US immune to the pitfalls of other nations. That is a de facto covenant but one not found in any scripture.
I would also contend that American civil religion–the idea that the founding documents are somehow blessed by God has crept from the public square to the pulpits and pews more than it should have. The mix of civil religion, conservative politics, and bad readings of the Bible produced the doctrines that again hint at a unique covenant between the US and God
If only I had known then what I know now.  I have a name, John McNaughton, and I get to illustrate that cliches may have truth; in this instance the cliche will be a picture is worth a thousand words.  Mr. McNaughton is the painter responsible for this bit of schlock.

If the painting itself doesn't imply that Jesus gave the United States the Constitution from on high, then the artist's contention that the U.S. Constitution was "inspired of God and written by God fearing patriotic Americans" certainly does.  McNaughton has created this site to explain all of the hidden symbols inherent in his painting.  People who love satire may read alternate, and somewhat more accurate descriptions here.

McNaughton has a new work available.  I don't have an art major, but based on his previous piece I think he's claiming that Obama is the anti-Christ.

I'm glad McNaughton didn't add the little boy to the second painting.  The poor kid would have burned his hand.  It makes me feel sad when kids hurt themselves.  Of course, paintings like McNaughton's frighten me.  So does the fact that someone may have paid for one of them.

(HT Andrew Sullivan and Wonkette)


D.E. Bishop said...

Geez, that is scary. I mean that people see the world in the distorted, crazy way that guy does. And just as scary, as you said, that there is a small market for such crap.

caheidelberger said...

Such appalling stereotypes. The paintings are already crap; McNaughton's lengthy written polemics only cheapen them more.