Thursday, March 22, 2012

Signs Of The Times

Many South Dakota communities will hold school board elections in early April.  We Hate Teachers Yankton Chapter (WHTY) We the People Yankton (WTPY) is holding a candidate forum tonight.

Several candidates have declined the invitation to attend.  It's unknown if advertising for the event, which includes several hand painted signs that evoke images of a friendly ransom note, had anything to do with their decision.  I suspect, however, that this sign may have had something to do with the candidates' decision.

I do give We're The Group That Hired A Guy Who Brags That He Wants To Eliminate Public Education (WTGTHAGWBTHWTEPE) WPTY credit  for showing some school spirit and using red, one of the school colors, in their advertising.


yanktonirishred said...

quite possibly the most asinine event in the history of events. Also Moose is already lying to voters. Said in op ed piece in P and D he would vote FOR opt out, help up no sign last night when asked if he voted for the opt out.

Lying liars telling lies.
Sadly, this is no surprise.
The Moose is loose please don't feed, save the pennies for school programs in need.
School Insurance is surely damned with Charlie and Charli hand in hand.
We the People have come to save as they drive YSD to an early grave.

(apologies given for the awful poem...but I was inspired)


LK said...

Shane, I was unable to go, so I can't necessarily agree or disagree with you.

It does give new meaning to "a funny thing happened on the way to the forum."

I wonder if this event was worse than last year's summit hosted by a certain insurance agent who frequently calls people on their birthdays.