Thursday, March 29, 2012

Schools Monitor Tweeting Students More Than CIA Monitors Tweeting Employees

The Answer Sheet blog reports that Austin Carrol, a senior at Garret High School in Garrett Indiana, was expelled for using foul language in a tweet.  Garret High School tracks student's tweets.
A high school in Indiana that tracks students’ tweets made through the school’s computer system — even if it is done from a teen’s home — expelled a senior close to graduation for what it said was a message with foul language. . . .
The senior was quoted as saying that he had tweeted a message with a four-letter word from home on his personal Twitter account. The principal of the school was quoted as saying that the school’s computer system can track tweets whenever a student logs into it no matter where the student is working from.
I'm sure I don't have the whole story, but the fact that swearing in a tweet can lead to expulsion frightens me.  So does the fact that a school actively tracks kids' tweets.

The previous story ventures into the bizarre in light of the following, The Daily Beast reports,
The Twitter feed belonging to Lynnae Williams at first glance looks like most Twitter feeds. There are tweets about what she is reading (Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Madame Bovary); tweets about politics (leans toward the Occupy movement); and tweets about food (tuna casserole, carrot-cake muffins).
But on closer inspection, the feed features something rare for Twitter and even the Internet: detailed disclosures about the CIA. On Tuesday for example, Williams tweeted, “The #Farm is #CIA's training center near #Williamsburg, Virginia. I think it's the Kisevalter Center or something.”
In other tweets, Williams, who in 2009 spent nearly four months training to be a CIA spy, details her own experiences with CIA case officers, psychiatrists, and the special security division of the agency that serves as the CIA’s police force. In short, Williams since late February has been disclosing details of her brief CIA career in 140 characters or less.
Apparently the CIA monitors its former employees less than Garret High School monitors its students.  It's unclear what the CIA will do to Williams if she swears in a tweet.


caheidelberger said...

I expect my employer to stay out of what I do outside of work. I expect my school to stay out my child's life outside of school.

[Headline sp.!]

LK said...

I agree with you about the role of employers and schools.

Thanks for the catching the headline. I could say that I wanted to use it to get more traffic, but in reality, I screwed up