Monday, March 12, 2012

Quotation Of The Day: The Beginning Of The End Of Public Education Edition

Diane Ravitch gives Arne Duncan a failing grade and concludes,
We will someday view this era as one in which the nation turned its back on its public schools, its children, and its educators. We will wonder why so many journalists and policymakers rejected the nation’s obligation to support public education as a social responsibility and accepted the unrealistic, unsustainable promises of entrepreneurs and billionaires. And we will, with sorrow and regret, think of this as an era when an obsession with testing and data obliterated any concept or definition of good education. Some perhaps may recall this as a time when the nation forgot that education has a greater purpose than preparing our children to compete in the global economy. 
I hope that Dr. Ravitch is correct that the nation will regret it's decision.  If so, citizens may attempt to rebuild public schools.  On the other hand,  many people, including the local residents who have employed Paul Dorr, will cheer that demise not matter the long term consequences.

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