Saturday, March 17, 2012

On Being Displaced: Pop Culture Edition

Today, I saw for the first time the video for Toby Keith's country hit "Red Solo Cup." I don't get out much during November, December, January,and February.

The song is no better or no worse than any other pop country song currently getting airplay.  It's also no better and worse than any other pop rock or hip hop song currently getting airplay.

What struck me as ass backwards in the video (please note I chose the phrase carefully) is the fact that CMT has chosen to bleep the word "testicles" as in "you don't have a pair of testicles"; therefore, you have no courage.  A friend of mine coined the phrase testicular fortitude to express the same point.

I would accept that CMT is protecting its young viewers from coarse language, but the network does not censor Keith's declamation that Fannie Mae can kiss his ass.

I have been known to curse the white wallpaper blue, so the language doesn't really bother me one way or the other, but I really want to know when the word "testicles" became bleep worthy in contexts where "kiss my ass" is not.


D.E. Bishop said...

He actually used the correct, scientific terminology? Then what's the problem?

There are some slang terms that ought to be bleeped, but not "testicles."

BTW, it is a stupid saying.

LK said...

The point about scientific technology is why I'm confused.

Sorry, I couldn't post the link, but CMT's embed code doesn't seem to work with Blogger.