Saturday, March 24, 2012

Occupy The DOE

Valerie Strauss reports that Occupy movement has inspired some to create an Occupy the DOE next week.
A group of activists is planning a four-day protest event starting next week called “Occupy the DOE in D.C.” that is aimed at alerting the Obama administration to growing unhappiness with its education reform policies.
The event includes seminars, led by professors, activists and others, as well as marches and speeches that together are designed to express opposition to the education policies of President Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan, which critics say have, among other things, increased the importance of high-stakes tests and promoted charter schools at the expense of traditional public schools.
Unlike some other Occupy protests, the organizers of this one got the required permits to stage all of the planned events.
I tend to become skeptical of teachers who brag about getting their lesson plans done on time.  I also worry about the fact that the Occupy Movement has more iterations than television's CSI and NCIS franchises combined.  However, the group's goals seem very sound.

  •       ALL high stakes testing and punitive policies that label schools, punish students, and close public community schools
  •       ALL high stakes testing that ties teacher evaluations, pay, and job security to high stakes test results
  •       Corporate interventions in public education and education policy.
  •       Corporate run for-profit charter schools that divert public funds away from public schools
  •       Mandates requiring teachers to use corporate approved, scripted programs that sublimate and negate authentic and meaningful learning experiences imparted by varied and rich curricula
Re-reading this list, it seems that South Dakota teachers can sum them up in one sentence: repeal HB 1234.

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