Thursday, March 8, 2012

Moms Say It Best

I tend toward the sardonic, satiric, and angry.  Mom's tend to go for the heartstrings.  This Pam Fedders letter to the editor shows that moms sometimes do know best.
As I watched my fourth-grade daughter put her recorder away in her backpack, excited about an anticipated “music challenge” the next day in music, I listened to the results of the Feb. 28 opt-out vote. When we heard the results, she looked at me and asked, “They won’t take away music will they?” Without thinking, I replied that anything is possible, because they can’t take away something that affects a core area like Reading, for instance. She looked at me seriously and said, “They already have, they already took away our librarian.”

What a sad reflection on our community’s decision to not financially support our public education system adequately, even when it will not increase the majority of peoples’ current tax burden. Our community had the opportunity to demonstrate to state leaders that we care about education, and we failed!

I have been a resident of the Yankton community for more than 35 years and have never been more disillusioned and embarrassed to be a part of community with such selfish short-sightedness and lack of vision for the future. Worse yet, is that people are proud of “beating the Chamber, Yankton Area Progressive Growth and some of our state leaders” — as if it was some sort of competition or game! While Yankton School District has always been one of the leaders in the state in academics, fine arts, and athletics, our community’s vote and negative press has made us the laughing stock.

Never once growing up in Yankton did I have anything but pride for being from Yankton and graduating from Yankton High School; unfortunately, that’s now changed. I have to try to explain to my children why there is inadequate support to maintain our school system, yet they should be proud to live and be a part of Yankton, a community that feels it’s more important to put a few more pennies in their pockets than invest in our children, our future. That’s a tough sell!
 Now, since I am cynical, I will put on my bookmaker hat.  I put the over/under of commenters on Press & Dakotan comment boards telling her to leave town if she's so ashamed at 3.  Those comments will be posted before noon today.


yanktonirishred said...

crazy Boeka
Crazy youth pastors wife
charlie 1 and 2
yankton guy

They are the probably suspects to disparage Mrs. Fedders. This is when I most despise anonymity on those boards (I quit participating on them and won't return until you must sign your name to your statements). Pam, by the rules of the paper, must give her name to have a letter published, but any assclown with a fake name can respond and then cry that they will lose business if they have to expose themselves for the narrow minded, self profiting, haggard, anti education, self serving, lying liars that they are.

Speaking of lying liars we have the Governor lying as well saying that if we recall HB1234 that we the public are taking 15 million from education. There is no money allocated in HB1234. They don't have 15 million and my feeling is that they honestly don't intend to give 15 million to teachers.

I hate them all.

Shane Gerlach

yanktonirishred said...

just checked...Holly Boeka was the first to fire the crazy gun.


yanktonirishred said...

The narrowness reflected in our local paper just shocks me beyond belief. It shouldn't I suppose. But it honestly does. The day after the election of President Obama I was working in the meat department at Hy-Vee. Two gentlemen in their late 60's-early 70's were at the counter visiting as I helped their wives.

Seed hat 1 says to seed hat 2 "So did you get a watermelon and bucket of fried chicken on your doorstep this morning for voting for Obama?"

Seed hat 2 relies "I didn't vote for that coal chute."

I stood in shocked silence, angry beyond words that I was unable to say anything.

LK said...

I would guess those gentleman would find the cartoon at this link hilarious.

This country beat back the Klan and the No-nothing movement. I don't know if we're going to survive this new strange brew of race baiting, economic populism, and war mongering.

It sometimes feels like a curse to live in these interesting times.

LK said...

I guess I should leave the link