Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm Schocked! People Tend To Follow The Money

In an article that should have been titled "Dog Bites Man," The New York Times Magazine asserts,
In a globalized economy, the countries that pay the most and offer the greatest chance for advancement tend to get the top talent. South America’s best soccer players generally migrate to Europe, where the salaries are high and the tournaments are glitzier than those in Brazil or Argentina. Many top high-tech workers from India and China move to the United States to work for American companies. And the United States, with its high salaries and technological innovation, is also the world’s most powerful magnet for doctors, attracting more every year than Britain, Canada and Australia — the next most popular destinations for migrating doctors — combined.
In South Dakota, however, leaders seem proud of their ability to keep wages low. Given that workers tend to migrate to where the jobs pay well, one wonders how the state is going to attract the best and brightest.

On the other hand, perhaps current leaders are satisfied with attracting the servile and gullible.

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