Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Health Care Reform Irony

David Frum sardonically points out,
As we all know, a healthcare mandate is tantamount to the extinction of economic freedom. Yet the Heritage Foundation's 2012 index of economic freedom in the world ranks mandate-loving Singapore the second-freest country on earth. The United States drags along in embarrassing 10th place, behind 6th place Canada—which relies of course on a single-payer government healthcare monopoly.
Singapore's mandate doesn't keep its rich folk from hoarding a larger percentage of wealth than rich folk in the United States.  Singapore has the second largest rich-poor gap; the US is ranked third.

Let's review:  Singapore with a health insurance mandate lets the rich keep more of their money and has more economic freedom than the US.  I'm confused; I thought Republicans were for allowing those at the top of the economic ladder the freedom to concentrate wealth.

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