Monday, February 13, 2012

South Dakota Republicans With Courage

The majority of the state's Republicans voted to support HB 1234, Governor Daugaard's merit pay plan.  Many also uttered pablum-lite talking points like “Democrats focus on teachers and salaries; Republicans focus on students and achievement.”or “What it’s saying is that the current compensation model doesn't work” The latter statement, a trite assertion of the obvious, apparently made without irony, should have mentioned that the compensation system is the worst in the nation and has been for years.  Further, there's no evidence that this plan will actually improve compensation. I will also note that Representative David Lust, the latter speaker, claims that the bill is not a "magic elixir" for achievement. Somebody missed a memo somewhere if Republicans are supposed to be about achievement not salaries.

Several, however, deserve thanks for recognizing that the plan has never been shown to work, so I'd like to say things to Republican Representatives Bolin, Deelstra, Hubbel, Kopp, Liss, Russell, Schaefer, Stricherz, and Tornow.

Update:  Bonus quotation of the day goes to Representative Jim Bolin who says, “(Daugaard’s) plans on the education front are a major blunder,”   Bolin also points out that the bill will not imporve student achievement.

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