Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Secular Holiday Season

If Americanism is indeed a religion, consumerism and sports may be it's major denominations and today may mark the start of the sports' faithful's holiday season.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday, a day that combines both sports and consumerism.  This ultimate secular holiday's main ritual consists of serious and casual sports fans gathering together with those who don't know the difference between a first down and down-filled pillow to eat too much homemade bar food and keep pizza delivery drivers busy.  

The conservative sports fans will have reason to cheer when pitchers and catchers report.  Oakland's and Seattle's batterymates report on February 12; the rest of the MLB clubs have a February 19th reporting date.  If   Orthodox and Western churches can't always agree about Easter, why should baseball teams shouldn't have to agree about starting Spring Training.  The main requirement of this secular day of obligation is to mediate about the hope that will spring eternal on Opening Day, April 4.

On March 12, work will stop all over the country as people take as much work time as possible to fill out brackets for the NCAA Basketball Tournament aka March Madness.  On March 15 and 16 high school students across the country, even those who don't know the difference between a basketball and a bidet. March Madness also features gatherings and the conumption of copious amounts of bar food.

Happy Holidays.

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