Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gobsmacking Stat Of The Day: Presidential Politics Preference Edition

I don't need many new reasons to despair for our country, but these results provide one whether I want it or not.

According to a Public Policy Polling press release, 6% of those surveyed will support Rosanne Barr if she wins the Green Party nomination and is a three-way race with President Obama and Mitt Romney.  Obama would win with 47%, Romney would get 42% of the vote.  Five percent claim to be undecided.

I think that Wall Street wealth and power has a detrimental effect on America, but supporting a candidate who references the guillotine and re-education camps favorably is only a step away from writing John Yoo torture memos.

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caheidelberger said...

Rather like the 2010 6% who backed B. Thomas Marking and the slightly bigger 6% who supported Lori Stacey. Marking was reasonably competent; Stacey was a demonstrable nut unfit for the office she sought.