Friday, January 6, 2012

Voracious--But Pleasant Company

In an effort to gain some sanity, I have been reading the daily passages in A Year with Thomas Merton.  Yesterday's excerpt from Merton's journals contained the passage "The fire is voracious--but pleasant company."

I certainly cannot match Merton's wisdom, but it strikes me that the attributes "voracious" and "pleasant" create more than a bit of danger.  We all have a nearly insatiable desire for comfort and ease--the good things in life.  Merton may have been able to be satisfied with the simple things, a fire and coffee.  I'm not sure the rest of us can always find the simple so pleasurable.
I also wonder about those of us who follow politics and suffer from Clinton/Bush/Obama/name the politician of choice derangement syndrome.  That anger is also insatiable but often pleasant.  I'mafraid, however,  that it may destroy a large chunk of the soul.

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