Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Some Brief Thoughts On Governor Daugaard's Education Proposals

I should comment about the Governor's education proposal.  Today I lack the energy either to effectively curse the darkness or light a candle, so I will be brief.

Because South Dakota is a single party state, Governor Daugaard's proposals to institute merit pay and eliminate the modest job security protections teachers have will pass easily.  The facts that merit pay is counter productive and that South Dakota K-12 teachers are relatively easy to fire will not matter to the discussion.  The fact that literature. music, history, and foreign languages are as valuable as math and science to a well functioning society will not matter either.

Governor Daugaard is following a classic divide and conquer strategy that pits teachers against themselves.  Because teachers tend to vote Democrat, he is also weakening a political foe.  It would seem that he has stronger opponents to subdue than a rather toothless SDEA, but I'm not a politician.

The Governor should have given credit to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Ohio Governor John Kasich for proposing some of these ideas first.

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