Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Republican Candidates And Superheroes: Update

Andrew Sullivan was kind enough to link to and quote my original observation about the Republican presidential candidates and superheroes.

I should have done a little research about research about Gingrich before I compared him to Tony Stark/Iron Man because I was more right than I knew.

When I made the blurb, I was remembering Tony Stark statements like "I am a Futurist . . . I could see wars coming, chaos, death, and destruction, and I fixed it.  Whether you know it or not, I saved the world"  Some of the religious aspects of that statement are examined here.

At the time, I had no idea that Gingrich had once called himself a conservative futurist.  I remember him as a fan of Toffler's Future Shock, but I had no idea that he had applied the term to himself.

On the personal front, both have commitment issues.  Stark has had his share of amorous adventures.  In addition to the women on that list, I seem to recall seeing him in amorous embraces with the She-Hulk and Tigra as well.  Gingrich apparently wanted an open marriage.

Finally, both seem to be rather divisive figures.  Stark/Iron Man's action created the necessary conditions for Marvel's Civil War.  According to this Rich Lowry editorial,
If Romney can’t right himself and Gingrich goes on to win Florida, every major elected Republican in the country will panic. Every unlikely scenario to get another candidate in the race will be explored. Because whatever GOP primary voters in South Carolina think about his electability, Gingrich is currently radioactive among the general public.
I wish I were smart enough to figure out if these events are pop culture imitating real life or real life imitating pop culture.


caheidelberger said...

Quoted by Sullivan?! Holy cow! Color me green with superheroic envy!

LK said...

Sullivan had a picture of Reed Richards, Mr. Fantasitic, as Romney in this post:

He said that he preferred "Mr. Plastic Elastic" so I emailed him the link because I used Plastic Man to describe Romney.

I do appreaciate the fact that the big boy bloggers do give the rest of us a second or two in the sun.