Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Plan To Evaluate Legislators

Bob Mercer reports that Nick Moser wants to amend the South Dakota Constitution "to eliminate the provision that legislators receive five cents per mile for their trips to the Capitol at the start of session and their trips from the Capitol at the end of session."

Mercer writes that "[f]or the rest of their trips they already get standard mileage rates paid by state government."  Apparently, legislators want the same mileage rates for the trips to open the legislature and return home at the session's conclusion that they receive at other times

I'm usually not a fan of constitutional amendments, but I will support this one with a few caveats.

First, only those legislators who have degrees in agronomy should be guaranteed the increased mileage payment.  The legislature needs more farmers among its numbers, and this mileage payment might provide an incentive for farmers to run for the legislature.

Second, only the top 20% of the rest of the legislators can receive the increased mileage payment.

Third, the evaluation determining whether one is in the top 20% will be determined as follows.

A. The per capita income in the legislator's district is in at or above the state average.

B. All voters in the legislator's district score proficient or above on a test developed by a Texas company.  The test will cover knowledge of events that transpired during the past session.  After all, legislators should be responsible for communicating information to their constituents.

C. Legislators put a "How am I driving bumper sticker" along with a toll-free phone number on the back of their cars so that constituents can be sure that the tax money is being spent responsibly and complain to the proper authority if it is not
D. Governor Daugaard will dirve behind each legislator and fill out an evaulation on the legislator's driving.
I expect Representative Moser to be "excited about that,”

Surely he will continue to say,
“It is going to come down to what your outlook is on it. It is not going to take away from anyone.  I . . . [am] very excited to have the opportunity to get that bonus. If I wasn’t chosen for the bonus, I would be excited for my colleague who was chosen. I don’t see where there would be any criticism from that.”


Retired but concerned said...

I do believe that Mr. Moser would support this idea. However, how will he feel if he doesn't get bonus?

yanktonirishred said...

leo the following is the best response I have seen to Doogoods ridiculous education plan