Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More Signs Of The Apocalypse

I realize the Mayan Calendar may not have been designed to predict world's demise, and the December 12, 2012 date may be 60 days off, but there are other troubling signs that 2012 may be the last year humans wander the face the earth.

For example, the the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists has moved the Doomsday Clock a minute closer to zero.
Citing ongoing threats from nuclear proliferation, climate change, and the need to find sustainable and safe sources of energy, scientists moved the "Doomsday Clock" one minute closer to midnight on Tuesday.
The clock was moved from six to five minutes to midnight.
If that's not a big enough threat, Hostess Brands Inc. makers of Twinkies and Wonder Bread is contemplating another bankruptcy filing.
Twinkies may be indestructible, but Hostess is having some trouble. Hostess Brands Inc. is preparing to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, sources tell The Wall Street Journal, possibly as soon as this week. The company carries more than $860 million in debt and owes more than $50 million to vendors, plus it's under pressure from rising prices for sugar and other ingredients.
A world without the preservatives provided by Twinkies and Wonder Bread is surely one step closer to destruction.

Finally, the 2012 Bronycon, an event for adult male fans of My Little Pony, had the "biggest turnout ever."

I'd weep for the future if I thought the world had one.

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