Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stuff I Wish I Had Written: Wisdom And Education Edition

From this John Spencer post,
Schools are designed for the acquisition of knowledge. Occasionally we move from measurable knowledge to immeasurable knowledge. However, when I think of what's missing, it often fits into the general sense of wisdom: a recognition of mortality, a deeper questioning of existence and identity, philosophical conversation, an expansion of one's worldview, ethical thinking, a chance to serve the community, a better understanding of relationships, opportunities to experience the world rather than simply read about it.

Sometimes it's as simple as an analog clock. Other times it's a mural or a garden or a hard conversation about death when one of your schoolmates dies from an asthma attack. Sometimes it's a simple Socratic discussion. Other times it's a different way of reading a novel.

It's not that I'm against knowledge. I'm not advocating that schools abandon the Quadratic Formula or throw away the copies of Shakespeare. Wisdom is an expansion of knowledge. It's that second step of guiding knowledge toward thinking well about life or being empathetic or learning to love. It's an embrace of why does this matter? rather than simply how will this be tested?

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