Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Maybe My Students Are On To Something, But...

According to this Lifehacker post, doodling may help "untangle" ones brain.
...sketching has a defined end point. Once you put the pen down, nothing jumps up on my monitor or flashes on my desk to tempt me to resume. By doing something nontechnical, it's very unlikely the break will stretch on for too long because once I'm done doodling, I'm not thinking about it at all. The inverse is also true, once I'm doodling my mind couldn't be farther from my daily work, which is more therapeutic than getting caught up in any digital distraction.
On the other hand, "doodling only works if you don't take it too seriously." Judging by the doodles in the margins of some of the notes my students take, students take doodling more seriously than they take notes.

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yanktonirishred said...

I was/am a doodler. My notes are covered with doodles. It does actually help to relax me and free my mind.
My fathers appointment books and his ledger were covered in doodles. I used to love trying to piece together his thought process as I sat in his office waiting for him to get off work.
Perhaps for creative minded people this does help to loosen the logic side? To stimulate the entire thinking process by priming the pump with a familiar and comfortable mental exercise