Friday, October 7, 2011

A Reverse Bucket List

At The Atlantic, Jeffery Goldberg publishes his reverse bucket list, a list if things he never wants to do or never wants to do again.  I'll start mine.

1. Be forced at gunpoint to vote for someone as weepy and orange as John Boehner.

2. Live in town (again) where the hardware with a shelf of 12 paperbacks serves as the local bookstore.  I know the Kindle and Amazon may make this condition less onerous, but being able to buy cheap paperbacks should be an international human right.

3. Eat airport sushi.

4. Live through another DC comics reboot or restart or re-imaging or re-whtateverthehellthislastDCthingwas.

5. Judge a debate between Maxine Waters and Sarah Palin.

6. Teach Second Grade.

7. Hear or see Nancy Grace in any format through any medium.  I realize that I may not be able to live up to this one.  Some cruel person at a Best Buy or in the Walmart electronics store will undoubtedly have a bank of TVs on Headline News when this vile women's program is cable cast.

8. Hear that Brett Farve decided to return to the NFL again.

9. Hear Bob Dylan sing "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer."

10. Live in a country where soccer completely dominates the sports calendar.  (I think this desire limits me to the US, Canada, Japan and the Dominican Republic, so I may have to play fast and loose with "completely dominates" and hope that cricket, rugby, and basketball have enough of a foothold in places like England, Australia, and Spain)

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yanktonirishred said...

I will be stealing this and posting my own reverse list somewhere on the interwebs.