Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Clever Use Of Logical Fallacies To Expose A Logical Fallacy.

At Annalee Newitz exposes a logical fallacy in a Robert Boyce Wall Street Journal op ed.  (There's that paywall that makes linking useless.) Boyce writes,
Last month, scientists at CERN, the prestigious high-energy physics lab in Switzerland, reported that neutrinos might-repeat, might-travel faster than the speed of light. If serious scientists can question Einstein's theory of relativity, then there must be room for debate about the workings and complexities of the Earth's atmosphere.
Newitz responds,
Another good point to make here might be, "If I can chew vegetables, there must be room for debate about whether I can chew steel too." Indeed. Also, who is to say that I can't control you with my mind? After all, I can control the Gojira action figure on my desk with my hands. I figure that opens up room for debate about a lot of things.
Nothing is better than using bad logic to illustrate really stupid logic. 

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