Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More Reasons I Won't Be A Democrat

More on my perpetual political displacement here, here, and here.

5. Henry Waxman--I don't like national blowhards like Limbaugh, and I don't believe America needs national scolds like the California Representative.

6. Perhaps I should number this one 5A, but whatever happened to the Hubert Humphrey happy warrior brand of Democrat?  Is it now Democratic doctrine that every party spokesperson is either a boring technician like Harry Reid, glum like John Kerry, or a scold like Waxman?

7. Perhaps this one should have just be a subset of point 4, but your party has been falsely accused of being socialists and Marxists for my entire 54 years on this planet and you haven't found an effective way to confront or embrace the charge?  Seriously?  You're getting screwed by your PR firms.        


caheidelberger said...

LK, I find it interesting that, at least in this round, your opposition to joing the Democratic party is based entirely on style rather than substance. You could challenge these three (or 2.5) shortcomings by bringing your sword and shield to convention and waging the happy warfare you seek as a Democratic delegate... if not a candidate! (Nick Moser and Jean Hunhoff could use a good challenge.)

LK said...

I dashed the post off quickly and certainly can see where you got the idea that it was all style.

Waxman does strike me as exhibit one for overreach and leaving the Democrats open to the charge of supporting a nanny state. We don't need an new law and lots of investigations just because one batch of strawberries caused someone to get sick. We probably need to hire a few more inspectors to enforce the laws already on the books. Waxman seems to want investigations and more laws and more regulations and more face time to scold me about eating potato chips and watching too many crime shows.

As far as becoming a candidate for any local post, I believe that I made the wrong career to choice to be successful. I would have a far better chance of winning office if I were a piano player in a house of ill repute.