Thursday, September 1, 2011

Classic Television Explains Contemporary Politics

This is how the Tea Party sees itself.


This is how both Republicans and Democrats see the Tea Party.  The Republicans focus on Ellie Mae and Jed along with his money.  The Democrats focus on Jethro's 6th grade eduction and Granny's medical practices.

This is how both Democrats and Republicans see the intelluctuals who produced the ideas that inform the Michele Bachmann wing of the Tea Party.  Hayek does not fit this category.

Democrats and Republicans both see Republicans as stars of Dallas; Republicans view themselves as Bobby Ewing; Democrats see them as J.R.  The rest of us hope that Jock Ewing comes back from the dead and keeps both of the wayward. spoiled, rich cowboy sons in line. (Sorry YouTube won't let me imbed the video. I'm guessing the problem is caused by the fact that a cable channel plans a Dallas update next summer.)

Many politicians claim they came from here.

They are producing a future that comes from here.

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