Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer By The Numbers

Students show up on Thursday, so I thought I'd review my summer.  I also thought I would try to quantify things instead of merely assert them.  Here is a dirty dozen description of my summer.

0 Days I slept in until 10 am (I feel cheated.)

1 Trip to visit my mother

1 Family gathering with my wife's side of the family

1 Week spent coaching at National Forensic League National Debate Tournament.

1 Week spent lecturing at South Dakota State University Debate Camp

3 Afternoon naps. (I feel cheated.)

19 Times I concluded Colin Cowherd wants to become the Rush Limbaugh of sports talk radio.

31 Days in July that were too hot and humid.

63 Hours spent reading books or comics (I feel cheated.)

179 Blog posts.

433 Hours planning changes or worrying about not being ready for the first day of school.

1297 Hours looking at a computer screen. (I would have gotten out more but July was too hot and humid.)

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