Friday, August 12, 2011

Republican Debaters Reject Compromise And Common Sense

The United States is facing problems that defy simple solutions: high unemployment, political gridlock, a retirement boom that will strain to the breaking point both health care systems and Social Security, a foreign policy establishment that seemingly cannot restrain itself from military adventuring, a mountain of debt, a populace with short attention spans and a excessive fondness for contemporary equivalents of "bread and circuses."  (I really don't need to link to any of the problems to show they exist do I?)

Solving these problems will take compromise and discipline. South Dakota Politics gives a conservative take on the situation, and while I disagree with some of Blanchard's analysis, he nails it when he writes.
3. The Republicans are the problem. Yes, in so far as they are rigidly opposed to raising taxes. Federal taxes at present are at present taking a historically small cut of the GDP. We are going to have to let them rise to the norm and maybe a bit higher than that.
4. Taxes won't solve the problem. Beyond a certain point, taxes have diminishing returns. They will begin to retard economic growth and encourage tax avoidance. No realistic or even unrealistic level of taxation can restore the budget to solvency.
5. Congressional Democrats are the problem. Yes, in so far as they are acting like an opposition party. They obviously think they were put on this earth to sustain and increase spending. No progress can be made on the real problem so long as they insist and are able to continue doing that.

In short, we will need to raise revenue and cut spending to reduce the debt.  Unfortunately, this video shows that it's likely that the 2012 Republican nominee for president* will run against any form of compromise.

*Rick Perry was not on stage, but it's a safe bet that he would have agreed with those that were. 

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