Saturday, August 20, 2011

Plains Pops: Totally Random Edition

Random item 1.  Someone in Yankton agrees with me.  I posted about the need for more political parties here.  Kelly Hertz writes this editorial that explains the need for a third party and reminds readers of Theodore Roosevelt's 1912 run.

Random item 2. All debate coaches love it when a headline and extemp question converge.  The headline to this Conor Friedersdorf article is great as both an attention grabbing headline and a thought provoking question:  "Is Sarah Palin a Presidential Candidate or a Narcissist?"

Random item 3. I don't know why, but I always get the following songs confused.  First, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour's "The Golden Age" which is the background song to a Heineken commercial.

Second, Foster the People's "Pumped Up Kicks"

I guess my wife is right; sometimes my brain just doesn't work right.

Random Item 4:  Talking Points Memo points to this link picturing a girl holding a Ron Paul Mosh Pit ticket. I hope a libertarian mosh pit doesn't turn into an IFC cage match.

Random Item 5:  The Great Plains Observer doubts Michele Bachmann's claim that she can implement policies that will reduce gas prices to under $2 per gallon.

This Andrew Pavelyev post on Frum Forum explains how she can accomplish her goal.
I have been quite critical of Michele Bachmann lately, but I will defend her whenever she is attacked unfairly. She has just promised that if elected she would bring the price of gas below $2 per gallon. This promise has been met with widespread derision, and even conservative outlets such as National Review doubt whether she can achieve this.
But I have no doubt: yes, she can!
Bachmann’s economic policies (such as immediate drastic cuts in federal spending) would surely cause a new recession, the recession would also affect Europe, China, India and other major oil consumers. Oil prices would collapse and gas prices would indeed plummet below $2 a gallon (just as they did in late 2008). So if you want cheap gas (and absolutely don’t care about anything else), vote for Bachmann!


caheidelberger said...

Those two songs -- interesting combo! We've been listening to Foster the People and getting that song stuck in our heads all month. It's good stuff, but AGT's "Golden Age" has more pure fun factor. Thanks for pointing that song out to me!

LK said...


You need to watch more baseball to keep up on beer marketing tactics. :)