Sunday, August 7, 2011

Did Education Reformers Write And Produce A Dairy Queen Commercial?

Bear with me, I'll explain everything below.

First, reformers want teachers to do more with less, so we might as well learn to split wood with our bare hands.  I think that most reformers believe that teachers should be satisfied by being paid with a occasional DQ Blizzard.

Second, combining balloons and sharks serves as a useful ironic metaphor. The irony produced by combining hearts shaped balloons and sharks should be obvious.  Further, The efforts that most reformers have advocated will combine to produce policies that make tying sharks to balloons seem reasonable.  More importantly, it seems that many students and parents believe that schools should entertain students with the metaphoric equivalent of balloon animals while simultaneously turning them into sharks that will dominate the business world.

Finally, the tagline "good isn't good enough" should apply to every classroom. Teachers should all try to improve as professionals.  The tone in this advertisement, however, implies is that nothing will ever be good enough, and that latter sentiment applies to ed reformers. Nothing will ever be good enough. I'm not going to discuss chest hair; even I have my limits.

Cory, Don't worry; I will still buy some Blizzards on Miracle Treat Day.


caheidelberger said...

A friend yesterday used the term "ironic mustache." She was not referring to me. Is that DQ guy what wearing what she was talking about?

LK said...

I think he is. I have heard the term as well, and it has always seemed to refer to a thin mustache without other facial hair.

I may be wrong, but I get the feeling that the mustache unaccompanied by by a goatee or other facial hair is becoming the equivalent of a mullet.