Saturday, August 13, 2011

Debt Super Committee Get Their Own Baseball Cards, Sort Of

Those of you who have lives may not know that US Presidents get their own cards in some Topps baseball card sets.

The current Oval Office occupant has not been left out.

The debt reduction super committee may not get a Topps card set, but this Atlantic article has put together stats that Topps can use to put on the back of the cards if the company chooses to issue a set.  All stats below are taken from the Atlantic article.

John Kyl--Position: Senator     Party: Republican
Statistics:  "He carries a lifetime 96.72 (out of 100) Senate vote rating from the American Conservative Union."

Chris Van Hollen--Position: Representative     Party: Democrat
Statistics:  During the previous two election cycles, Van Hollen helmed the Democratic Party's House campaign arm, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

James Clyburn--Position: Representative     Party: Democrat
Statistics: He is the highest-ranking black member of Congress.

Rob Portman--Position: Senator     Party: Republican
Statistics: Having served as U.S. trade representative and as George W. Bush's Office of Management and Budget director, he brings budgetary experience to the table.

Xavier Becerra--Position: Representative    Party: Democrat
Statistics:  He's . . . a member of the House Progressive Caucus, meaning he's probably too liberal to jump on board with any grand super-committee compromise that can win more than one or two Republican votes.

Jeb Hensarling--Position: Representative     Party: Republican
Statistics:  Serving as Republican Conference chairman, Hensarling is the fourth-highest-ranking House Republican, and he's an across-the-board conservative, fiscal and social.  Hensarling carries a 98.96 lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union, and in each of the last two years he's carried a rating of 100.

Pat Toomay--Position:  Senator     Party: Republican
Statistics: A former congressman, for years Toomey ran The Club for Growth, a D.C.-based economic-conservative group that pressures legislators to vote for an anti-tax, pro-business agenda and sponsors primary challengers against Republicans deemed too moderate.

Max Baucus--Position: Senator     Party: Democrat
Statistics:  Each delegation has its budget-and-tax wiz -- a guy or gal who actually knows how to work the numbers -- and that's what Baucus is for Senate Democrats.

Fred Upton--Position: Representative     Party: Republican
Statistics: Upton chairs the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Rep. Joe Barton, who infamously apologized to BP, relinquished the top GOP spot on Energy and Commerce after the last Congress ended, and in the ensuing power-struggle over the committee chairmanship, Upton had to overcome insinuations that he's not conservative enough.

Dave Camp--Position: Representative     Party Republican
Statistics: As chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, Camp brings a knowledge of tax policy -- but also a history of non-enthusiasm for Paul Ryan's controversial budget plan. After Ryan released it, Camp said his committee wouldn't take it up, given that Ryan's plan would never make it through the Democrat-controlled Senate.

Patty Murray--Position: Senator     Party: Democrat
Statistics:  First elected in 1992, . . . she finds herself at the heights of Democratic power. This election cycle she took the helm as chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, heading up the party's efforts to raise and spend money on Senate campaigns

John Kerry--Position: Senator     Party: Democrat
Statistics:  Seven short years ago, Kerry was running for president as the Democratic Party's standard bearer against president Bush. After that quest was derailed by Swift-Boat Veterans and wind-surfing photos, he hasn't quite made it back into a the national spotlight, even while serving as chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee after Vice President Joe Biden's departure for the executive. Serving on the super committee offers a high-profile task for the once-higher-profile Democrat.

Should Topps publish this set, I can see MC at the Dakota War College offering Cory Heidelberger at the Madville Times 3 Becerras for a Toomay and 2 Kyles.  Steve Sibson would probably try to corner the market on Hensarlring.

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