Friday, August 5, 2011

Can A Fantasy Politician Game Be Far Off?

First, Richard Nixon allegedly designed a play for George Allen for the Redskins.

Then, political reporters started covering "the horse race" and reporting on "game changers."

Tonight, ESPN will unveil its new quarterback rating system.  In what one hopes is an unfortunate coincidence, political reporters have begun arguing about "Who Is Washington's Most Effective Politician?".  Andrew Sullivan sums up the arguments and gives his take.  Everyone seems to ignore that politicians' collective performances during the past few weeks indicate that the question should be "which politician has least harmed the country?"

ESPN is being a bit coy about its new formula in order to drive up ratings tonight.  As near as I can tell the politicians ranking involves the following formula:

First, total legislation championed divided by legislation passed plus base support minus opposition base hatred squared multiplied by press fawning  plus or minus a 2 percent Fox News factor prorated by blog comments with an escalated NPR factor.  Then multiply that number by speaking ability, physical attractiveness, length of time in Washington, number of connections in Congress, number of lobbyists who can demand favors, and residence in a safe district and divide by pi.

I apologize for all of you who linked to this post hoping to see a discussion of BDSM in governors' mansions or MILFs in state legislatures.

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