Saturday, July 23, 2011

Still More Saturday Morning Nostalgia: What Could Go Wrong? Edition

Something about this news report and headline from the Los Angeles Times frightens me.
A unique El Dorado fundraiser: dropping golf balls from helicopter
July 23, 2011 |  7:38 am
These are tough times, and schools are coming up with fundraisers to raise money for their sports teams. Placentia El Dorado has come up with an interesting way to raise funds for the football program.
On July 31st at Black Gold Golf Club, a helicopter will drop golf balls over the 18th hole, and the first three balls in the hole are winners, with $1,000 going to first, $500 to second and $250 to third.
It takes $10 to enter for one golf ball. Information:
Also, former Bell High athletes are holding a charity golf tournament on Aug. 19 at Rio Hondo Golf Club to raise $20,000 for the boys' and girls' teams at Bell.
 Because I am "a person of a certain age," a wordy euphemism for old, I think I'm remembering this classic WKRP in Cincinnati episode.

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