Saturday, July 23, 2011

Quotations Of The Day: Libya Edition

From an LA Times article "Pentagon mulls NATO request for more U.S. drones in Libya campaign"

Referring to the war's progress the article states
"It's getting more difficult to find stuff to blow up," said a senior NATO officer.
The article leaves the explanation for the alleged difficulty for the last paragraph.
Since the NATO bombing campaign began in March, it has damaged or destroyed about 570 Libyan military bases, bunkers and other unspecified "facilities"; 355 air-defense missiles; more than 500 tanks and other armored vehicles; and an estimated 860 ammunition dumps, according to statistics released by NATO.
 Finally, I love this explanation about the difficulty of removing Moammar Kadafi from power.
 "We can't get rid of this man by throwing eggs at him," Aujali said. (Ali Aujali,is the Libyan rebels' envoy in Washington)

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