Monday, July 11, 2011

Education Quotation Of The Day

From Thomas Gibbon,
Something that frustrates me is that teachers are the only ones taking the heat for these scores. As someone who put in an honest effort to lead students all year, these scores are devastating. I only wish I could say that my students will be devastated when they see the results. They won’t. . . .  All the while, my scores look like absolute crap, thus allowing self righteous media types and politicians to harp more and more about accountability and pay for performance.
I am more than willing to make changes to my planning, teaching, lesson delivery, remediation, etc. to help my students pass their test next year. That is what I spend day after day trying to do. I am willing to be observed every day if that is what it takes to prove that I am actually teaching. But it just seems like teachers are taking all the blame when students should simply be doing better.

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