Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Doing One's Job Well Should Be Like Casting The First Stone

In other words, one should put one's house in order before telling others how to manage a household.  Yesterday on her Answer Sheet blog, Valerie Strauss made the following perceptive comments about President Obama's education commission that contains no educators.

"The president would have been better off talking to these people about job creation than education reform, not only because they aren’t the right people to be talking to about improving classroom dynamics, but also because employing the unemployed with kids has been shown to improve educational outcomes.

"It would certainly do more to help education than any of the high-stakes test-based reform policies that we have seen in the past decade, stretching over the administrations of president George W. Bush and Obama.

"There’s no reason not to believe that Obama personally has respect for teachers and the hard job that they have. The problem is that his policies don’t show it, and education roundtables with corporate leaders serve only to underscore that sad reality. America’s CEOs have enough problems keeping their own businesses running. They should leave education to educators."

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