Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Reading List: June and Early July 2011

Last summer, I published my 10 book summer reading list.  The result, as the kids say, amounted to an epic fail.  This year, I'll try shorter lists and see if I can stick to them.
Finish Henning Mankell's The Dogs of Riga.
Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream by David Plattt.  Even if I hate it after the first sentence, the subtitle alone is thought provoking.
Mercy Kill by Lori Armstrong.  It has a South Dakota author, a Black Hills setting, and a South Dakota female detective as a protagonist; who could ask for anything more?
The Big Short by Michael Lewis.  I loved Moneyball and Liar's Poker.
Linchpin by Seth Godin.  It goes with my Seth Godin action figure and will up my Indie teacher street cred.  Of course the effort to up the cred probably means that I'm not as Indie as I thought I was.  Interesting paradox.

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