Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Minor Musings about Ignite SD #5: Yankton Edition

I attended Ignite SD #5 at Ben's Brewing in Yankton last evening and saw eleven of the twelve speakers.  For the first time in about fifteen years, I had another engagement, so I ducked out early.  I appreciated the kind comments about the blog.

As an observer, three things struck me things.  First, all presenters demonstrated passion whether they used their five minutes and twenty slides to discuss Graves disease, bicycle commuting for 1071 straight days, traveling back roads collecting postmarks and cookbooks, music, taxes, or income inequality.  As one who frequently equates passion with anger, I enjoyed being reminded that the two emotions are not necessarily synonyms.

Second, the young folks have mastered being stylistically relaxed.  The older presenters seemingly had a touch of formality.  The contrast subtly added to the eventing.  As a quick aside, maybe it's not true that we eventually become our parents; we may become our grandparents. 

Third, Ignite SD bills itself as "a force for raising the collective IQ and building connections."  I wonder if recent local events limited the latter element.  Most of the local speakers seemed to know each other.  Most of the speakers brought a small entourage.  I left early, so I don't know much mixing happened after the presentations.

Americana, passion, facts, the civic, and the personal make Ignite a great experience.


Ben said...

I had a great time and I left with some inspiration. Glad you could make it, Leo!

yanktonirishred said...

Wish you would have said Hi to me Leo. After commenting here so much would have liked to have met the man behind the words.
Glad you were there. I knew 2 or the speakers prior to last evening but was impressed and motivated by all.
I am eager to participate again. I thought it was a worthwhile event and a way for me personally to share one of my passions and my life.
Next time maybe cooking or beer or cigars or comics, but thought this time speaking on what most influences my life day to day was the right path.
There was quite a bit of mingling afterwards.

LK said...


I felt guilty about laving, but I ways also feeling guilty about making someone who was doing a favor for me wait. Don't smoke myself but like hearing cigar enthusiasts talk. They seem to be like wine drinkers, lots of nuance and no agreement about what's most important.

yanktonirishred said...

Completely understand your leaving...just bummed missed an opportunity to meet you!!

Be well! BTW-next time you find yourself in Sioux City stop at ACME comics.