Wednesday, May 4, 2011

This Week in Opt Outs--Special Update

People opposed to the opt out will meet at JoDean's at 7 pm tonight.  Because the meeting "is for opponents of the opt out only and is not open to the public," no one can confirm whether those attending will adopt a resolution to put the school district on double secret probation.

Ironically, this meeting occurs on the same day that the Yankton P&D began a series designed to "sort  out the opt out."  The editorial accurately points out "a lot of information, supposition and misinformation is making the rounds, mostly by word of mouth."  Having a meeting that is closed to the public seems designed to continue the spread of misinformation rather than engage in a dialogue for the truth.  I hope that the meeting goes beyond "I really hate those guys," but I'm afraid that an echo chamber will probably only produce fodder for a "food fight."

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