Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Minor Musings: Quick Post Vote Reactions

When I'm in Sioux Falls today, I think I will stop at Barnes and Noble and look for a copy of a book about Chief Joseph's retreat for Jason Bietz.  Maybe he can extrapolate financial lessons from it.  The young man is going to need all the help he can get.

If I were a poet or prophet, I could post some nice phrasing about this morning's wind and rain symbolizing the spent emotions of the past weeks and explain what it augurs for the future.  I'm neither.

In private conversations, I speculated that the opt out would fail.  I don't think anyone thought it would be by this margin.  If they did, CFSE wasted money on Dorr.  I suspect the lesson I should take from this result is never get into a poker game in Yankton.

I feel especially bad for Patty and Carri this morning.


yanktonirishred said...

congrats to each of us. I was running YES and you are a liberal site according to the following.

hiosilver wrote on May 23, 2011 1:31 PM:
" No one believes your one sided, one point of view, liberal sites such as Madville Times, Mythbusters, Yes for Kids, Displaced Plainsman, Denver Post, the list goes on & on (just like your YES leader Shane Gerlach goes on & on as he attempts to humiliate anyone who does not agree with your group)"

Yay for us.


LK said...

I never thought this moment would happen. I want to thank all the liberals who think I'm conservative. This moment would not have been possible without them

LK said...

Sorry, I just skimmed the comment quickly last night.

Does this person mean The Denver Post as in the newspaper? I seriously am honored to be mentioned in the same breath with Madville and a major metropolitian daily.

yanktonirishred said...

The person does and I am impressed for you.


You're all grown up now!!!


yanktonirishred said...

uh oh...I forgot this part. Those great blogs and papers you are compared to. The writer later goes on to this summation when speaking of me and those sites (yours included I am afraid)

You have been the loudest mouth for the YES group on every blog, Facebook, P&D, and every other liberal rag

Now I'm a loud mouth and you print a liberal rag.
We were on top of the mountain for a moment in time LK...and then it slipped away.