Sunday, May 1, 2011

Education Quotation of The Day

From Diane Ravitch,
Instead of promoting innovation, creativity and imagination, the current obsession with raising test scores discourages these things. Students are learning to pick the right answer and being penalized for thinking differently. Subjects that spark students’ imagination, like the arts, are being squeezed out of the school week. And some districts plan to develop standardized tests for all subjects, which are guaranteed to do damage to students’ ability to think creatively.

All this in the name of beating other nations on scores—which has little bearing on our success as a nation.

Yes, our schools need to improve. But they should pursue proven strategies, under which schools, families and communities work together to make sure that children arrive in school ready to learn. Our schools need experienced teachers and a curriculum with more time for in-depth study of history, science, civics and other subjects that prepare students for the duties of citizenship. After all, that’s the primary purpose of public education: to sustain our democracy.

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