Thursday, April 21, 2011

Is Kristi Noem Under the Influence of the Lobbying Industry?

I wanted this blog to be a Noem and Palin free zone.  I really did, but this Washington Post article got me angry.
Among the Republican freshmen with big PAC receipts were Reps. Diane Black (Tenn.) with $178,000, Nan A.S. Hayworth (N.Y.) with $170,000 and Kristi L. Noem (S.D.) with $169,000.
Noem scheduled at least 10 Washington fundraisers in the first quarter, according to invitations compiled by the Sunlight Foundation. An e-mail obtained by the foundation included nine events, including a pizza lunch and two dinners asking for a $1,500-$2,000 donation from attendees. A Noem spokesman declined to comment, as did a spokesman for Stivers.
How many South Dakotans paid to eat pizza with Representative Noem?   How may South Daktoans have $1500 to eat dinner with her?  How is this upholding a vow to shake up Washington?  What's the difference between this shake up and a shake down?

The article notes that this fundraising is not unique to Republicans.
Overall, fundraising among the large GOP freshman class is below the average raised by new Democratic members in the first quarters of 2007 and 2009, after elections when liberals won big gains in Congress. Two years ago, Democratic freshmen raised $287,000 on average, while the figure this year for the new GOP lawmakers was $176,000.
Let's be clear; the your guy is more corrupt than my girl defense isn't really a defense.  Someone who robs 9 banks is not a law abiding citizen just because someone else robbed 10 banks.  Being under the corporate influence is wrong for both Democrats and Republicans.  Both are equally guilty of putting money ahead of constituents.  It's sad but not surprising to see Noem at the front of the gravy train even though she promised to be a new breed of politician


caheidelberger said...

"Noem-free zone"—be careful. She's an addiction. ;-)

Sylvia said...

How is raising money for future campaigns choosing money over constituents? Without money to run a campaign, she will not be able to represent SD. It takes millions to run a campaign. Where are people who are not independent millionaires suppose to get the money. Or do we just want millionaires governing us?

LK said...


Unless you can prove that this site is lying, Kristi Noem has gotten $3 million in federal subsidies.

I don't know what her net worth is, but if one is getting that much in federal help along with profit from ranching and other business ventures, I'd bet Noem already qualifies as a millionaire.

To answer your direct question, I would prefer to have fewer millionaires in Congress.