Tuesday, April 5, 2011

An Endorsement And Some Presumptuous Debate Advice For Cory Heidelberger

The Plainsman offers a full throated endorsement for Cory even though he can't vote for him because he doesn't live in Madison's school district. (I know some of you think it's because of a felony conviction, but I have only a few speeding tickets on myncriminal resume. For what it's worth my total is far lower than Congresswaoman Noem's.)

Now one to the presumpuous debate advice for tonight's fourm . It's close to the same advice I give to my debaters every round.

1. Go debate and have fun.

2. Listen to your opponents and use their mistakes against them.

3. Remember to pause after your major points to let the point sink in.

4. The judges are probably speaking skills judges, so slow down.

That felt good.  It's been over a month since debate season ended and I was going through withdrawal. 

Good luck, Cory.

1 comment:

caheidelberger said...

Skills judges—should I run a Vonnegut performance case?

Thanks, Leo! I'll work hard on those pauses after main points. I'll definitely have fun! :-)