Monday, April 11, 2011

Election Eve Rambling

Like most Americans, I seldom care about local elections.  I can spout the cliches:  all politics is local or the government closest to the people governs best.   But they're cliches and I seldom care.

I like following national and statewide elections.  The Bush/Gore election was a lot like Christmas Eve; I stayed up late waiting for the winner just like I used to stay up waiting for Christmas morning.  Lately elections have become pretty boring.  Polls are usually accurate and the outcome is usually predictable.

Tomorrow's election seems more momentous than most. Funny how seeing 22 colleagues lose their job crystallizes the mind. Local politics will have an immediate personal impact.  More importantly, no one seems to know who will win.

Tomorrow, I'll go and vote early.  I don't live in Chicago, so I won't vote often.

Tonight, I'll sit and stew a bit.  It doesn't feel like Christmas Eve; it seems a lot more important.

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