Saturday, August 7, 2010

Policy Debate Irony

The world will be destroyed by nuclear war on November 6, 2010.  That may be hyperbole; I have no inside info nor am I Nostradamus reincarnate, but that date marks the opening of the South Dakota debate season.  On that Saturday, dozens of young policy debaters will claim that the policies advocated by their opponents will lead to nuclear war and the ultimate extinction of the human race.  Policy debate judges across South Dakota and the nation hear those assertions every weekend, so it's easy to take the risk of nuclear war a bit cavalierly.

Tom Friedenbach, a former South Dakota policy debater, has studied the threat and decided that it is much more serious than a calculation to help win a debate round.  He's begun a campaign "to encourage South Dakotans to voice their support for ratification to the Honorable John Thune who currently stands in opposition to the ratification."

Tom and other intelligent, energetic young people have started SD for START. The home page has links to excellent material about START.  A letter to Senator Thune is here.  All you need to do is replace Tom's name with yours and forward it to Senator Thune.  His contact info is here.

This site tries to stay away from politics, but I'm making an exception in this case because the ballot box won't be available in November.  Senator Thune is running unopposed.  The only approach left is networking and direct contact. Visit the site, put your name on the letter, and send it to Senator Thune.  Finally, let Tom and the others know that you've sent the letter.  Senator Thune needs to be reminded that lack of Democratic opponent doesn't mean lack of opposition to his views especially on serious issues like START.

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